Manager Moves On – Our thanks to Kyle McCormick.

1st October 2020

After seven years in the post, our Project Manager Kyle McCormick has decided to move on from heading Glasgow NW Foodbank.  We want to thank

Kyle for his years of service and we wish him well for the future.  The Trustees are currently in the midst of the appointment process for a new manager and we hope to make an announcement on that soon.  We want to thank our dedicated team of volunteers who will maintain ‘business as usual’ during the interim period, especially with the added pressures of the Covid pandemic.  In order to help with physical distancing the main warehouse and distribution centre for Glasgow NW Foodbank remains relocated for the time being, to Blawarthill Church Hall, Kinstone Avenue, Glasgow, just up the lane from the old food bank point below the church.  Once again, our warm gratitude to Kyle for all his work with Glasgow NW Foodbank.

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