Major increase in demand for food provision at Glasgow NW Foodbank

14th April 2016

Almost 4300 three day emergency food supplies were provided to local people by Glasgow NW foodbank in the 2015/16 financial year, compared to 3353 in 2014/15. Of this number, 1774 went to children.
At the Glasgow NW Foodbank, the top three reasons for foodbank referral were: benefit delays 37 %; benefit changes 18%; low income 12%].
Over the last year, local people have donated 47 tonnes of food to Glasgow NW Foodbank, and over 130 food donors. Local schools, businesses and faith groups have provided vital support to the foodbank, enabling us to give three days’ nutritionally balanced food and support to people in crisis.
In addition to providing emergency food, Glasgow NW foodbank provides essentials like washing powder, nappies and hygiene products to families who are struggling, as well as signposting them to other services in the local area. Many Trussell Trust foodbanks, including Glasgow NW foodbank, are partnering with other agencies to provide additional services, helping people to break out of crisis.

Food sorting - pasta and tins boxes
Kyle McCormick, Glasgow NW Foodbank Manager, says:
“We are seeing an increase in the number of three day emergency food supplies provided to local people in crisis 4272 in the last year. It is all too easy when you look at figures to forget the real people behind the statistics. Last week, I received a call from a client that needed our help, as that person had been sanctioned. He could not manage down to the foodbank and he had already been 4 days without proper food. The foodbank had just closed and he could not wait a further 3 days, so food was delivered to his home. In recent weeks we have been setting up some of our referring agencies to hold Emergency Food Boxes (EFB) for those that we are not accessible for, such as those with disability or the distance is too great. I know that there are people in the North West of Glasgow that need our help, that cannot access a foodbanks, we are working harder than ever to ensure those than need our help can reach us or we can reach them, this being said, there are people that have walked about 5 miles to our foodbank. That’s why the foodbank is so vital. We are very grateful for the ongoing support of the community, and hope that one day there will be no need for us in the North West of Glasgow. But until that day comes, we will continue to extend our service to help local people facing a crisis.”

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