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Co-op Local Community Fund

We were selected to receive funding from the Co-op Local Community Fund. It means that we received a contribution that will help to ensure that the food parcels that we provide nutritionally balanced for all in the household.

Great news – members have raised £1254.10 as at 11/10/19

If you are already a member of the Co-op, please check to see if you have selected your chosen charity. If you wish for us to be your chosen charity, but have not selected us, then the money will be split across us and 2 other charities.

£3,154.08 of funds have not been allocated in our area, of which we could potentially receive £1000 if it is not allocated to anyone, but we could receive more it it was allocated to us.

Looking back on last year, some said

If the foodbank wasn’t there to help them, they would just do without and go hungry, some would have had to turn to crime to put food on their table.

The foodbanks strength comes from the support that we have from the community wanting to help the community in the time of need.

In 2018 we applied to the co-op fund for money to buy food for the foodbank.  While we receive donations of food from customers at the Co-op on Alderman Road, and various other collection points, in 2018 we spent £200 – £2000 per month to keep our shelves stocked with food for those that needed our help at our three foodbank centres.  By selecting us on your membership card, the money raised will help to ensure that the food parcels that we provide nutritionally balanced for all in the household.

How to select Glasgow NW Foodbank as your chosen charity

You must be a co-op member, if you are not yet a member please pop into your Co-op branch and become a member (membership costs £1.00 and you get money off co-op branded products)

Once you are a member please go to sign in and then back our foodbank.  we we do not appear in your search, you can widen your search radius.

Below is a screenshot of our page.

For more information about co-op membership, its benefit for you and the benefits for us – click here

“In 2017 we applied to the Co-op for funding to cover the cost of the diesel for our van that was donated to us, we were hoping to receive £1000. The Co-op members support has been fantastic and means that we can keep the van running for longer than we had anticipated with an epic £1,429.95 – you smashed our target.

We applied again for the funding to continue in 2018 to which we received a further £3423.77 to help us bridge the gaps  in the tings that we needed to buy to enable us to continue to give full food parcels.

We delivered a food parcel to an elderly lady, she was so grateful for the support that the foodbank has given her, she was pleased to inform us that her situation is now resolved with thanks to the foodbank and the other services that supported her.

Your help means we can continue this for others that need it.”

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