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Getting food to where it needs to be

In 2016 Fleet Alliance donated a van to the food bank which we use to move food to where it needs to be. This includes picking up from supermarkets and individual donors such as schools and workplace collections.  We also drop food off at partner agencies who then distribute to their own clients.  And we deliver from our central warehouse to our other distribution centres.

Van from Fleet Alliance – food donation from Boclair Academy.

Christmas 2021

Giving something back and making a difference is what Fleet Alliance Loves is all about so at Christmas the staff decided, “We’re once again foregoing corporate gift-giving to support four charities most in need this Christmas.❤️

Total Festive Support Fund was £5,000 which included funds generously raised by staff who chose Glasgow NE Foodbank, Glasgow NW Foodbank, FareShare Sussex and Sussex Nightstop as beneficiaries.

As part of their Environmental Ambitions Programme, which aims to make the business net zero by 2030, Fleet Alliance eliminated the carbon emitted as a by-product of the gift delivery process. 🍃A fantastic way to top off the year!

Poverty alliance from the stars

In 2017 Fleet Alliance hosted what our Project Manager describes as the best fundraiser he has ever been to. It raised £3004.17 for our food bank and the same for Glasgow NE Foodbank.

In 2018 they did it again, only this time it was better, the competition was a lot tougher than in 2017, and this time round it raised £3273.50 for our food bank and the same for Glasgow NE Foodbank.

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