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Glasgow Care Foundation

A helping hand, not a hand-out.

We are grateful to the Glasgow Care Foundation for their support.

Christmas 2021

Our Manager Shona with Supermarket Vouchers presented by Glasgow Care Foundation just in time for Christmas.

School Holiday Meals 2017

The Glasgow Care Foundation enabled us to pilot our School Holiday Meals in the summer.  This was set up in recognition that during the school term, many children receive free school meals, however, during the holidays, the parents’ incomes do not go up, but there are 5 more meals to provide per child. This project was a way to prevent the need for more families to attend the foodbank that were not already doing so.  GCF provided funding to enable us to provide a healthy cooked lunch for the children and their parents.  This funding included doing activities with the children, some of which were food related such as making their own pizza as a family from scratch, to science experiments.  At the end of the programme, there was a party for the children and their families.

Christmas 2017

GCF awarded us £1500 to help make Christmas that bit more special for the families that were accessing the foodbank over Christmas.

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For more information on the Glasgow Care Foundation, you can visit them  here

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