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Sainsbury's Partick is an important food partner for Glasgow NW Foodbank.

Sainsbury’s Partick branch has been a supporting our foodbank before we opened our doors in May 2013, starting with a food collection day.

On 23rd September 2014 we set up an in-store collection point for customers to leave food donations for customers.

In 2016 our foodbank became Salisbury’s Partick back of store food partner, donating fresh produce to the foodbank that cannot be sold, which is still suitable for human consumption.  We normally receive bread & rolls, sometimes we receive fruit & veg.

In 2017 Sainsbury’s Opened the Novar Drive store which has supported us since its opening with £100 of supplies for the foodbank at its official launch, a permanent collection point, bread & cakes on Mondays and staffed collection point.

What does all this mean for us?

  1. We have a couple collection days per year when we can meet the customers to say thank you for their donations.
  2. There is a permanent collection point where customers can donate food any day the store is open.
  3. We can provide fresh bread/rolls to those that come to our foodbank in addition to their food parcel (subject to availability).

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